Luke Johnson
Luke "The Scoop" Johnson began writing for The Experience in the fall of 2012. He acquired a passion for sports journalism in high school where he was a four-sport athlete.

In published work, Johnson has covered high school All-Americans Marcus Lee (Deer Valley), Joe Mixon (Freedom) and Najee Harris (Antioch) among other star athletes, along with discovering a scandal that caused a multiple-player suspension on a first place high school baseball team. In opinion articles, he has touched topics on suicidal athletes, players with admiration for marijuana, and homosexuality in sports (published just weeks before NBA veteran Jason Collins officially came out and became the first active Big Four athlete to be openly gay).

"I just love watching live games, being surrounded by loud crowds and getting to know athletes," Johnson said. "The thirst for my journalistic curiosity is unquenchable."

The sophomore has plans to transfer to San Jose State University and earn a degree in journalism.



Luke Johnson, Special Projects

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