Past Editors

Pat Dear: Fall 1974

Pat Dear: Spring 1975

Joanne Sbranti: Fall 1975

Mitch Prather: Spring 1976

Mike Hewitt: Fall 1976

Jim Chapman: Spring 1977

Karen Davidson: Fall 1977

Cathy McLain: Spring 1978

Tracy Nelson: Fall 1978

Anthony Sorci: Spring 1979

Rich Vasquez: Fall 1979

Catherine Beaunae: Spring 1980

Greg Wooldridge: Fall 1980

Marilyn Berg Cooper, Joe Roderick: Spring 1981

Chris Jones: Fall 1981

Chris Jones: Spring 1982

Jon Borg: Fall 1982

Julie Furlong: Spring 1983

Mitch Rinehart, Kerry Young: Fall 1983

Patty Jacobus, Kerry Young: Spring 1984

Vince Golla, Patty Jacobus: Fall 1984

Vince Golla, Ken Estes: Spring 1985

Ken Estes: Fall 1985

Nina King: Spring 1986

Jennifer Puccio, Greg Watkins: Fall 1986

Jennifer Puccio, Greg Watkins: Spring 1987

Debbie Delzer: Fall 1987

Debbie Delzer: Spring 1988

Shandra Martinez: Fall 1988

Shandra Martinez: Spring 1989

Anthony Ferrante: Fall 1989

Dean Basilio: Spring 1990

Nancy Drummond: Fall 1990

Nancy Drummond: Spring 1991

Sonia Mansfield: Fall 1991

Christopher Allen Smith: Spring 1992

Lara Warren: Fall 1992

Lara Warren: Spring 1993

Christopher S. Ryce: Fall 1993

Christine Cordova: Spring 1994

Khary Weeden: Fall 1994

Kharry Weeden: Spring 1995

Randy S. Howell: Fall 1995

Susan Honaker: Spring 1996

Paula King: Fall 1996

Teri Fitzhugh: Spring 1997

Donovan Corrigan: Fall 1997

Jane Ramsey: Spring 1998

Christine Panus: Fall 1998

Charleen Earley: Spring 1999

Kelli Phillips: Fall 1999

Kelli Phillips: Spring 2000

Sandra Limperis: Fall 2000

Sandra Limperis: Spring 2001

Lawrence Thrall: Fall 2001

Lawrence Thrall: Spring 2002

Jennifer Schuler: Fall 2002

MiLisa Hickman: Spring 2003

MiLisa Hickman: Fall 2003

Charles Powell, Lawrence Thrall: Spring 2004

Charles Powell: Fall 2004

Samie Hartley: Spring 2005

Justin Lafferty, Brian Ortega: Fall 2005

Brian Ortega, James Ott: Spring 2006

Charles Powell, Jennifer Wadsworth: Fall 2006

Jennifer Wadsworth: Spring 2007

Kyle Szymanski: Fall 2007

Kyle Szymanski: Spring 2008

Justin Troxell: Fall 2008 Spring 2009JT

As a sophomore in high school, Justin decided to take a Computer Science class at the LMC Brentwood campus. Having received elective credits along with college units, Justin continued to take a class each semester moving on to the Pittsburg campus. By the time Justin graduated from Deer Valley High School, he had already taken 30 units at LMC. Justin loved just about every class that he took at LMC, so much that he changed his major quite often. From Computer Science to Business to Administration of Justice to Emergency Medical, he couldn’t decide. Justin was also an EMT for two years while he attended LMC. It was not until he took Honors  Mass Communication, that he found his calling. Professor Cindy McGrath told him that he was a natural so he decided to explore journalism. Justin loved writing and knowing the fact that others will read his work. Justin became the photo editor Spring 0f 2008 and “was hooked.” As the editor in chief, he focussed on getting the paper out and making sure that it was perfect before doing so.  He pushed for comics and new ways of capturing readers’ attention. Justin came up with the idea to have a “movie review crew” along with a 4/20 page. Justin’s style was recognized and appreciated by the readers of the Experience. Justin had many all-nighters as editor, so he wanted his staff to come together to socialize and discuss what works and what doesn’t work for the paper. Many of the team’s meetings were held at Denny’s once a week. After graduating and transferring from LMC, Justin moved on to UCLA as an English major. He soon realized that  English wasn’t a good fit, so he moved on to UC Santa Cruz as a Film major and loved it. He received his degree in Media Production and now lives in Sacramento. After landing a job at KXTV News10, he was soon promoted to Director and Videographer. Justin owns his home in Sacramento and is happily married. He is pursuing his dream working in the news field and hopes to utilize his journalism skills that he has learned at LMC.[/toggle]


Angelica Gonzalez: Fall 2009 Spring 2010ag

As a child, Angelica loved to read the local newspaper with her grandmother. Each story was  intriguing, and she found herself unable to put it down, she has been reading the paper ever since. Not knowing how classes, requirements, and majors work, can be tough for a new student the first semester. Angelica began her academic career at LMC in 2008 and felt the pressure  of college life. After taking many classes that she did not need, Angelica stumbled upon Journalism 10 while looking to fulfill her GE requirements. Nervous about approaching strangers, she took on a “voices” assignment. Her assignment was a success and she broke her fear. It was at this point that she knew journalism was for her. As the editor, Angelica held a weekly meeting to discuss the paper and get everyone’s input. On Wednesdays, publication day, she had staff members take a short break to play a game of Uno. She also came up with the idea for the section “30 years ago.” This section included photos and articles from Experience papers 30 years ago. Very well organized, Angelica had a system for planning out the paper three weeks ahead of time. She was on top of every event, photo, and article to help the staff stay organized and aware of what to do. As her time as editor came to an end, she became the sports and features editor for the next year. As the staff began to change, she decided to take a break from journalism and focus on her GE requirements. After a short break from school, Angelica plans to come back to the paper possibly to be an adviser. Angelica will forever cherish the friends that she has made through the Experience, she still keeps in contact with many of her old staff members.

Mark Martinez: Fall 2010 Spring 2011

Samuel Gonzalez: Fall 2011 Spring 2012


Peter Costanza: Fall 2012 Spring 2013PC

Peter set foot at LMC in 2009 and was unsure about his academic plans. It was when he took Journalism 10, a general education requirement, that he found his calling. He realized that he was good at writing and enjoyed giving the news and meeting new people while doing it. Peter felt that he wanted to take his role in journalism further and became the Experience editor in the Fall of 2012.  While the role of a newspaper editor is all but easy, he made sure to run his staff with love and respect; while focusing on each person’s strengths. His stern, yet friendly attitude was a big part of the paper’s success. As the editor of the paper, it took a lot of time and effort. As Peter steps down, he is happy to focus on other things that were put on the backburner. He is proud to have had such a role in the paper and takes with him confidence, editing, and leadership skills. Peter is moving on to be the Special Projects Manager and will utilize his new free time to focus on his GE requirements. Peter is expected to graduate in the Fall of 2014.




Brendan Cross: Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

Joseph Delano: Fall 2014 – Spring 2015

Cassie Dickman and Damian Lewin: Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Beatriz Hernandez and Kimberly Stelly: Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

Adria Watson: Fall 2017- Spring 2018

Perry Continente and Lilly Montero: Fall 2018

Marc Lopez and Lilly Montero: Spring 2019

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