Kudos to college for response to racism

Jorge Alba, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

News that recently caught my eye was “LMC reacts to the situation” about racism. This has been an issue for many years now. Not just in LMC, but around the world. This was about the incident in which...

Experience notifications to all

Michael Hogan, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

First, a big thank you! I have been a student at Los Medanos College for over three years now and am soon to go on my fourth year. I started college in the fall of 2020 right when covid was going on. It...

Stop the urge to cancel others

Britney Smookler, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

One day you wake up and look at your phone to suddenly see thousands of verbal attacks about something you did or said. Social media allows people to publicly shame others — mainly celebrities and public...

Promote Transfer Academy

Jeanelle Pagaduan, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

During my time here, the Transfer Academy has made my experience so wonderful. The counselors and academic aids that they continue to provide to me and my other peers in this program have greatly contributed...

Schools should punish student drunk drivers

Alanis Ramirez, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

People who drink and drive should receive consequences at the school they attend. Over the past few years, we've seen many drunk drivers get off with just a slap on the wrist as a consequence. People often...

Letter of encouragement before finals

Sydney Amaral, Guest Column
December 1, 2022

These last few weeks of the semester can really feel like we are put on a time crunch to get all of our geese in a line. It can feel discouraging to pull through with the flood of assignments and finals....

Why it’s important to keep wearing your mask

Nyla Rahimi
October 6, 2022

With the lift of most restrictions and the lax nature COVID-19 is treated with right now, people feel we are returning to a semblance of “normal” that we once had in our day-to-day lives pre-pandemic....

Vaccine mandate is concerning

September 23, 2021

Dear Editor: I am writing to you about the new requirement for COVID-19 vaccinations to take part in an on-campus learning experience for the fall semester.  On Sept. 9 we were all notified by the...

Letter to the editor

Alondra G. Gallegos 
April 19, 2020

Dear Los Medanos College Newspaper, I would like to comment on an article published March 15, named “Campuses in CCCCD close” on the online edition of the Experience newspaper, informing readers...

Letter to the Editor

Austin Kennedy, Guest
March 5, 2020

Some common concerns among the majority of students that attend Los Medanos College are parking, unsanitary water conditions, unhealthy vending machines and outdated tech.. With each semester, there is...

More lights, police needed at LMC

December 4, 2017

DEAR EDITOR: I am concerned about the Los Medanos College safety policies. I have attended LMC since spring of 2015, but this year there have been several assaults on campus. These mishaps concern me...

Letter to the Editor: Assumptions

RC Kubota
February 24, 2016

With thanks to Professor Zimny for starting us thinking about “unacknowledged assumptions,” I’d like to share a personal experience that demonstrated the real-life importance and pertinence of what...

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