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Educate students about transphobia


Trans people are being targeted because of who they are. Many who transition, do because they don’t feel comfortable in the body they were born in and some don’t understand what trans people go through just to feel whole again. 

However, others don’t know a person’s gender history, or don’t want to know it because that challenges them to think a different way. But they don’t want to because in their eyes if it is not in the Bible, then you are wrong. That is what is so sad.

There were a lot of people back in the 1800s, maybe even further back than that, who identified as the genders that we know of today. History is proof that there aren’t just two genders. People have to be open minded to change their mindset, and to educate themselves because they think this is something new but it is not. 

They just don’t know it because the schools don’t teach it and if they did teach students about the gender, things would be different. Not only does it need to be taught in school, history should be taught at home but it’s not, and that’s why so many trans people and people who are non-binary go through judgments and violence every day.

If people acknowledged the history of genders, I don’t think we’d be having people killing, sexually assaulting and bullying trans folks.

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