Become a part of journalism

Become a part of journalism

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer
November 17, 2022

The fall semester is almost over and it’s the time for students to start looking into enrolling for the spring depending on the registration dates. Some students may have their eyes set on a major already...

Hate speech is not tolerated

Hate speech is not tolerated

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer
November 3, 2022

Los Medanos College has recently dealt with a considerable amount of backlash. Not just on this single campus, but across the whole Contra Costa Community College District. A sequence of events that involved...

Why your vote matters

Why your vote matters

Michael Benedian, Staff Writer
October 20, 2022

With the General Election coming up, it’s important for those who are able to utilize their ability to vote in this election. You might say that your vote may not matter, but thinking like that is what...

A letter from the new Editor

A letter from the new Editor

Michael Benedian, Editor-in-Chief
September 8, 2022

Being a leader wasn’t something I was always fond of. I was the type of person to follow orders and if I was told to jump, I would say, “how high”? For the longest time I pursued a degree in STEM...

Roe v. Wade cannot be overturned

Sarina Grossi, Editorial Board
May 17, 2022

For millions of people in the United States, the past week has been extremely strenuous. On May 2, the initial majority opinion draft from the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the famous Roe v. Wade decision,...

Prices are too high for college students

Kai Arellano, Editorial Board
May 10, 2022

Students who go to a community or junior college usually are trying to save as much money as they can. When it comes to spending, transportation often takes up a lot of the budget, as most students drive...

College shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

Sarina Grossi, Editorial Board
April 21, 2022

In a report conducted by the Educational Data Initiative, over 38% of students who dropped out of college cited financial pressure as their reason for not continuing their educational career. And according...

Students and the importance of reopening schools safely

Sarina Grossi , Editorial Board
April 20, 2021

With the increase in vaccinations administered, the world is beginning to look like it was before the COVID-19 pandemic. But as restaurants and businesses open up to the public, schools are still stuck...

The U.S. takes a deep sigh: What comes next?

Editorial Board
November 13, 2020

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have emerged victorious from the 2020 election, and while this is cause for celebration, there is much work to be done. Of the 328.2 million people in the U.S., over 150 million...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy deserves better

Editorial Board
October 26, 2020

The United States Senate will vote to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett Oct. 26 to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated upon Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death Sept. 18. We object. The vote takes place under...

Minimize harm, protest safely

Krys Shahin, Editor-in-Chief / @Krysshah
May 20, 2020

While Americans have every right to defend their first amendment rights, those protesting during a pandemic are doing so in an unsafe and detrimental way.  If you decide to protest, be smart. Don’t...

China should let journalists back

Spencer Batute, @batutie_
March 21, 2020

We at the Los Medanos College Experience condemn the recent expulsion of American journalists from reporting in mainland China. During this trying time of pandemic, a tit-for-tat war, which encroaches...

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