AI diminishes integrity in education

Experience Staff

With recent advances in technology, a new problem is beginning to arise in the classroom. ChatGPT is an AI software that allows users to insert a prompt they would like the AI to complete within seconds. ChatGPT was initially intended to be a tool to answer questions or assist users when writing prompts.

Students are now using the program to cheat on homework assignments as well as tests. There is currently no guaranteed way for teachers to distinguish the difference between student and AI generated work, which has left teachers scrambling to find a solution to stop their students from cheating.

It is already estimated that at least half of all college students in the United States are using ChatGPT to cheat on assignments. This leaves us to ask the question: what can be done to combat students using ChatGPT to cheat?

One solution that can prevent students from using ChatGPT to cheat is to assign writing prompts that are not fact based. Instead, dependent on individualistic topics about one’s life experiences and biggest fears. By making the students write about something that is personal to them, it is something difficult for the AI to write with the same level of emotion a real person would write with.

Doing this can also get the students more involved in their writing, making it possible that students will be more inclined to do an assignment if it’s about something they have personally experienced. If students are writing about a topic they enjoy, they will put greater effort toward the assignment to make their best work.

A final solution is for teachers to no longer assign written assignments as homework and instead make them in-class assignments. Forcing the assignment to be done in class allows the teacher to watch over their students much easier than if it was assigned to be done at home. This even gives the teachers the opportunity to force students to submit writing assignments using pen and paper, completely removing the technology element and possibility of using AI to cheat.

However, when used correctly, AI can be a very useful tool for both students and teachers. ChatGPT has been used to help students gather information for assignments as well as teachers with lesson planning. It all depends on how the tool is used both inside and outside the classroom.