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Actor plays main character Patrick in Love, Time, and Letters now showing in the Little Theater on Pittsburg campus.

‘Love, Time, and Letters’ takes stage

Ray Kopf, Staff Writer
May 10, 2024

Los Medanos College’s performing arts department is now showing "Love, Time, and Letters.” The play is based on a true story and written by LMC Alumni Clinton Sikes. It centers around a man named...

Larry The Musical performed at Brave Theater in San Francisco.

KAPWA club enjoys eye-opening musical in city

Elizabeth Maria Jacobo, Staff Writer
April 19, 2024

“I think that the overall message is to spread awareness of Filipino culture. I feel like American Filipinos are underrepresented,” said Ethan Balamiento, a Los Medanos College student who attended...

‘Love and Information’ play opens at LMC

Aliyah Ramirez, Staff Writer
April 6, 2024

A kaleidoscope of human experiences will be captured on stage as the Los Medanos College Drama Department puts on “Love and Information,” written by Caryl Churchill and directed by Gregory Brown....

‘Love and Information’ connects with viewers

Colin Wainwright, Staff Writer
April 5, 2024

I was recently treated to a performance of “Love and Information,” a production written by Caryl Churchill and directed by Gregory Brown. It premiered at LMC’s theater March 28 and ran for about...

Jayden Hawkins and emby play a married couple arguing in Almost, Maine.

‘Almost, Maine’ debuts a noteworthy performance

Jordan Suisala, Staff Writer
November 16, 2023

“Almost, Maine,” a heartwarming and romantic play presented by the Los Medanos Drama department, opened Nov. 9 in the Little Theatre with a noteworthy performance. While the Little Theatre at LMC...

Jayden Hawkins and emby play a married couple who wish on a shooting star.

‘Almost, Maine’ debuts at LMC in early November

Aliyah Ramirez, Staff Writer
November 2, 2023

Compelling stories of love will be captured on stage at Los Medanos College’s Little Theatre beginning Nov. 9. The playwright “Almost, Maine” written by John Cariani and directed by Clint Sides and...

A creative passion turned into a future

Nyla Rahimi, Staff Writer
August 31, 2023

“My mom and my grandmother were both seamstresses,” says Nicole McGraw as she describes her introduction to sewing, “so I grew up kinda in that world.”  Her world is not only one of sewing...

‘Elliot: A Soldier’s Fugue’ themes touch the soul

Nyla Rahimi, Staff Writer
May 2, 2023

“Elliot: A Soldier's Fugue” opened April 27 to a receptive and engaged audience, but with the performance that took place, it would be hard to watch it and respond in any other way. The show...

New play showing in the LMC theater April 26

Nyla Rahimi, Staff Writer
April 20, 2023

Theater inspires us all every day, whether it be a tale of hardship or an uplifting and heartwarming story of family, we always leave these experiences with more than what we came with. In the Los...

Donna Acosta-Campos kicks off rehearsal by entering the scene as her character Glorie

‘Grace & Glorie’ is a touching tale

Atreyu Hinckley, Staff Writer
November 18, 2022

“Grace & Glorie” is the latest play provided by the Los Medanos College’s Drama Department. It’s the first play to be performed at the LMC little theater since the pandemic started back in...

Daisy Acosta-Campo (left) rehearses lines with fellow co-star Nyla Rahimi.

‘Grace and Glorie’ to premiere at LMC

Kai Arellano, Staff Writer
October 20, 2022

After two years of producing films remotely, the Los Medanos College drama department  will be on stage once again. “Grace and Glorie,” a story of two opposites who find a commonality and a friendship,...

The poster for Nosotros.

‘Nosotros’ explores home and community

Stephanie Arreola, Staff Writer
March 8, 2022

Monument Impact presents “Nosotros,” a culmination of their Home Offers Me Escape and Safety, or H.O.M.E.S. program. The play details the experiences of the Wellington Gardens residents after having...

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