Don’t shun others opinions

Turn a cold-shoulder on Cancel Culture

Experience Staff

What do we do about cancel culture?

Cancel culture is a phenomenon in which those who are deemed to have acted or spoken in an unacceptable manner are ostracized, boycotted, or shunned from the rest of the world. This phenomenon could happen to anyone–in person or on social media–with high-profile incidents involving celebrities.

Over time, this phenomenon has been targeting everyone with the reasoning behind them getting more absurd and ridiculous.

However, there are solutions to this phenomenon: social media companies limiting each user to only one account, deleting spam accounts and providing access to counseling to aid mental problems caused by online bullying. But most importantly allow users to reflect on the implications of their actions

This phenomenon has turned the world upside down with everyone afraid of getting ruined on the internet, especially celebrities. Nobody can share their opinions without the chance of getting canceled by the public, and something needs to be done to remove it. 

The first amendment protects anyone from being sued for saying things, but nothing stops the public from altogether shunning that person for their apparent nonsensical comments. 

One example of cancel culture’s abuse of power is in a syrup company, Aunt Jemima. The origins of the company were based on slavery, but since then the values and integrity of the company have changed. Not everyone knows about the full history because it’s a syrup everyone places on their pancakes. 

However, harsh feedback led the company to completely rebrand, changing the packaging and the name from Aunt Jemima to Pearl Milling Company.

This practice has grown so much and has increased the mental problems of the people impacted. Cancel culture is just another word for cyberbullying, as these people pray for their downfall. 

Cancel culture needs to be destroyed. The only way to do so is to have everyone seek counseling to really understand what destruction they are doing to these people because it’s giving victims suicidal thoughts which could lead to suicide.

There are solutions to this problem but action needs to be taken soon because if this continues, consequences can be irreversible. 

Don’t ruin other people’s lives and shun cancel culture!