Love happens more than once

Luke Johnson

Falling in love is the concept of having a neutral intensified passionate feeling with someone to where you become one of love. We use the word “fall” because it implies that the process is some way inevitable, uncontrollable, risky, irreversible and it puts the lover in a state of vulnerability.

There are those that say, “You can only fall in love once.”

Is that true? Here is an argument they can make: Maybe you have felt like you were in love at one time, but after everything is done and over you begin to second guess the feelings you had before. In turn you question whether you have made a truly deep connection or was it just a life lesson?

Others can argue, “You can fall in love a hundred times a day.”

For instance, hypothetically, I can say, “I’m in love with the Oakland Raiders.” But am I one of love with the Oakland Raiders?

Is my passion for the Oakland Raiders mutual? Do the Oakland Raiders care about me the same way I care about them, hypothetically?

Simply, the answer is “no.”

If my hypothetical favorite team moves out of state, I would be completely distraught. But if I were to move out of state, the Oakland Raiders would not even notice I had left. So I’m saying you can’t be in love with inanimate objects or figures, and basically falling in love is a rare occurrence.

But is it as rare as an appearance of Haley’s Comet?

If you can fall in love, you can get out of it. Just like if you can fall in a pool, you can climb out, get pushed out, pulled out or thrown out. The same thing applies to love and relationships. If you can get in you can get out.

If one were to tell me, “You can only be in love once,” then he or she would be telling me that my previous experiences were not real.

I’m 21-years-old, and I was in love once when I was 18. But now that I’m no longer in that relationship and no longer have the same feelings for the person.This does not mean what we had was not genuine. Everything I said was true, and I meant every bit of it during that moment. So to say I can only love once would mean I was living a lie.

The reason that person and I are no longer together, is because we are not soul mates. You only have one soul mate. When soul mates are born they are brought together like uncontrollable human magnets. Everything you do and all your experiences leading up to meeting your soul mate was in order for you two to meet. You may not have an immediate connection, but you will eventually be drawn to each other by an unstoppable force.

As the relationship develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soul mate connects with you in every way on every level, which brings a sense of peace and happiness when you are around him or her.

Staying together with your soul mate does not take much effort, because relationships always work best when working at them doesn’t feel like work at all.