Dance Squad face plants


Chris Chard

The first LMC dance sqaud salutes the crowd in its first performance.

Luke Johnson

Los Medanos College’s first dance team in the history of the school flopped in its first performance during the halftime show at Saturday afternoon’s football game.

Due to technical difficulties, the dancers were unable to hear the music for their routine from the 50-yard-line. After multiple restarts, boos echoed throughout the stands, but the squad gathered its composure and finished the choreography they only had rehearsed for one week.

“The music was too quiet and we didn’t realize it was starting so soon,” said dancer (Aneece Gonzalez). Gonzalez added that she told the team to “suck it up” and to dance through the lack of volume.

Although the show got off to dreadful start, the dancers did show they were tough spirited through the angry crowd. It would have been easy to walk off the field and run away from the embarrassment, but these performers stuck to it and finished what they started.

After the audio malfunction, the routine itself was moderately impressive for the short time there was for practice. They incorporated many twirls and high leg kicks. No incredibly difficult moves were displayed, but the dancers stayed in sync for the most part to Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back” that was only heard by the audience.

With more time, and maybe a coach too, the team is hopeful of sparking something big at LMC.

“You just have to do your best. That’s what happens in performances,” said dancer Amber Woods. “We did a good job. We just know that we can do better.”

When the show was finished, the dancers took a bow, and the bitter LMC crowd turned into a cheerful one, both in relief and endearment.