Mustangs blow out Corsairs in Eureka

LMC wins first game on the road

The Stang Gang of Los Medanos College earned their first road victory last Saturday, after a 286-mile trip north to Eureka. The game was against the College of Redwoods Corsairs. The final score was 42-19. They now head into their final home game.
Prior, LMC had been 0-3 on the road, and now boast a 5-3 record before hosting the Yuba 49ers tomorrow afternoon.
The Mustangs were able to pull off this blowout win over the Corsairs despite the absence of their First Team All-Conference running back Shawn Vasquez. In LMC’s previous game to the Mendocino Eagles, Vasquez had been tossed after a questionable second personal foul. In result, the star halfback was suspended for the game in Eureka.
Stepping up to the plate and filling in for Vasquez, who was suspended for the game under NCFA rules, was the four-headed monster of Quarterback Adam Nesheim, and running backs Robert Ortiz, Demitrius Williams and Jamal Locket. The quad tore up the field combining for 439 yards rushing.
None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the great play from the offensive line.
“For those guys to get so many rushing yards basically tells you how well the offensive line played,” said Head Coach Chris Shipe.
The Mustangs power back bulldozed his way for a personal best 136 yards on the ground.
“I went into the game pretty confident, we have a great line, so I was pretty confident the line would get the job done, if the line is getting the job done then I’m going to get my job done,” said Running Back Robert Ortiz.
Vasquez will be back in the lineup but Ortiz still plans to get his touches.
“I think I’ll still be in the mix… I’ll definitely be in the rotation I believe,” said Ortiz.
Corsairs quarterback Will Hissong was averaging over 500 yards passing in the three previous games, but was limited to only 280 against the Mustang’s defense.
“[We] played base stuff, we made it less confusing, nothing special, I actually think it’s because we fed them, we fed them dinner Friday night, and we fed them breakfast in the morning, I lot of the guys come to games not having eating all day,” said Defensive Coordinator Darrin Foreman.
The entire unit on the defensive side of the ball played well and limited the Corsairs.
“The thing we’ve been trying to get is eleven guys playing all together, and that finally came around in that game,” said Foreman.
The Mustangs are clicking on special teams as well, return man Jamal Lockett added points to the scoreboard with his second return touchdown in as many games.
“I just run fast and follow my blockers and stuff, that’s it,” said Lockett.
After winning their first road game the Mustangs sit at 5-3 with a chance to play Contra Costa College at the end of the season, for what potentially could be a rematch of last year’s conference championship.
LMC will have its final home game of the season on Saturday Nov. 9 at 1 p.m. where they will take on Yuba College.
“We’re taking it day by day, Yuba is definitely right in front of us, not going to worry about anything after Yuba,” said Shipe.