Joseph Delano
Hi! My name is Joseph Delano. I am 27-years-old, hailing all the way from Bethel Island. I have been at Los Medanos College for 8 years… for you math geniuses, that is 16 semesters! I am officially be a “Life-long Learner” in the eyes of the district with over 100 units.

During my time here at LMC, I have received 9 degrees. I have been recognized in Psychology, Anthropology, Biological Sciences, Sociology and all 3 of the Liberal Arts studies. My last two semesters at LMC are being focused on receiving my Journalism degree and as many AA-Ts as I can get my hands on.

With these accomplishments, I hope to be able to pursue a career in Dietetics.

Listen to me rambling on… lets see, what else? I work on the California Delta towing boats for a company called TowBoatU.S. We are very similar to AAA but for the water. It is a family company owned by my grandparents. My official title is that of a “Captain.” Having attained my captain’s license in 2008 at the age of 18, I am the primary responder for the entire California delta.

All that being said, I am really looking forward to all that this time in my life has to offer.

Joseph Delano, Contributor

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