Accreditating team to visit campus next week

A team from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges will be on campus next week Oct. 6-9 to conduct their inspection of our campus.
Led by Team Chair Dr. Helen Cox of Kaua’i Community College, the team consists of 13 educational professionals from both California and the Hawaiian Islands.
Each member will be easily identifiable, as they will be wearing name badges.
Accreditation helps ensure an institution is a living up to a high standard of quality, allows for the distribution of financial aid to its students, keeps the school in the running for the receiving of grants and most importantly, accreditation allows for the institution to offer transferrable courses.
The self-report that the district and Los Medanos College conducted of themselves was the first step, followed by this upcoming visit and ending in the hopes of renewing the accreditation of the college.
As part of the three-step process of accreditation, the team will be poking heads into a number of classes on both campuses as well as the offsite Fire and Police academies. The visitors may engage students and faculty.
“We want to be ready for a simple question [from the visitors], ‘what are you proud of at LMC?’” said LMC President Bob Kratochvil at a recent meeting focused on the upcoming visit. He added that the “team needs to know about all of our strengths.”
The result of the visit will be announced in January 2015.