‘Short Buds’ provide quality at a low cost

15-inch cord ideal while being active


Irvin Trigueros

Short Buds and BudLoks are available to purchase at farendgear.com

Good headphones are hard to find. Sure, you can just go out and buy the most expensive pair you can find and hope that they are worth the cost. Doing so can leave you with a product that may or may not live up to their hype.

The quest to find specialized headphones is even tougher. If you are a runner or do something that may leave you in weird positions, you may want an easy solution to tangling and confusing wires.

Far End GearTM has developed a product for this people. Their Short BudsTM Short Cord Earbuds (In-Ear) solve the problem of tangled cords and unnecessary length of cords.

Their cords measure in at around 15 inches, making them ideal for cyclists, runners and the like to use with armbands and even with shirt pockets. The company idealized them to be used with clip-on products like the iPod Shuffle.

When I used them, I found that they were a suitable product for my needs. I do not generally use buds with the shorter cords, but these are really great.

The sound quality was good and the cords are reflective, adding a safety element to it as well. I would really recommend these to active persons looking for a quality, cost-effective solution to the search for music freedom.

Short Buds are available through farendgear.com for $16.95. In addition to the buds, Far End GearTM also offers a product called BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips. This item is an attachment that can be used with any earbud product. They simply slip on and grip to the bud and fit into the bowl of the user’s ear.

These Budloks really do help to “anchor” the bud onto your ear and provides a secure fit for active users. I really liked these as they could be used with any existing product I already own.

The BudLoks are also available for purchase at farendgear.com for $14.95 in various colors.

In the end, I really like the products from Far End Gear and would recommend them to those with active lifestyles.