Homophobia strikes at LMC

New sign is vandalized


Eboni Brown

s The sign adorning the wall adjacent to the gender neutral bathrooms was vandalized with a homophobic slur.

The newly designated gender neutral bathrooms in the Science Building were vandalized Nov. 13 when an unknown suspect crudely wrote “faggots” across one of the signs on the wall next to the door.
LMC student Eboni Brown was in the building on her way to class when she passed by the bathroom and noticed writing on the sign.
“I thought this was disrespectful to school property and to those who live a gay lifestyle,” Brown said, adding, “regardless if anyone accepts the lifestyle or not, everyone deserves to be treated respectfully.”
The recent decision to make certain restrooms on campus more accessible to transgender students and label them “All gender restrooms” was met with an outpour of support from LGBT students, as well as LMC staff and students.
The project was made a success by the cooperation between LMCAS President Gary Walker and LMC President Bob Kratochvil.
When Kratochvil was asked about the situation and whether or not anything was going to be done about it he said, “I am unaware of any such vandalism and we certainly would not condone this.”
“It makes me upset that college officials aren’t aware, they need to a pay a little more attention to what’s going on in their campus” Brown said, adding that “campus security should be patrolling at night not just during the day alone.”
LMCAS President Gary Walker echoed Brown’s sentiments.
“Hearing this information is certainly disappointing and needs to be looked into,” he said.