‘Amazing’ cast adds color to film


photo courtesy of imdb.com

The Book of Life was great. I really wasn’t expecting much from the movie. Since my birthday is on the Day of the Dead, I was immediately interested. I was not disappointed.
First of all, the cast was amazing. With the exception of Ice Cube, the voice actors all did a wonderful job of grabbing and keeping my attention, making me laugh, and at times getting me right in the feels.
Directed by Jorge Gutierrez, the film starred Diego Luna, Channing Tatum and Zoe Saldana as the leads Manolo, Joaquin and Maria respectively.
Surprisingly funny, the cast members were also great singers. As a lot of the movie was musical, the singing had to be great, and it was. I did not realize, and was pleasantly surprised, that Saldana could sing.
The film was colorful, with true to life Mexican aspects and a respect for the Mexican culture. This movie was the third movie from production company Reel FX Creative Studios, and their best so far, following 2013’s “Free Birds.”
There was contemporary music like Radiohead’s ‘Creep’ and Mumford & Sons “I will wait.”
Perhaps my favorite part of the experience was the artistic display that Gutierrez had insisted upon. The way the film was animated was unlike anything that I had seen up unto this point. I was enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I would definitely suggest a visit to the theaters and I will most definitely be buying this to add to my collection so I may enjoy it for years to come.