The selfie needs to die

Selfies are gross. Not in concept, but in execution. The idea of taking pictures of one’s self is fine, preserving memories and moments is a good thing, but it has gotten out of hand.

Selfies have become synonymous with the duck-face, the restroom shot, the hanging tongue and many other disgusting trends. People are using them more frequently to maintain popularity amongst their peers.

“Selfie” has been named the “Word of the Year” for 2013. That is depressing. Nothing like freedom, tolerance, acceptance or any other uplifting, inspiring word. It had to be selfie. #facepalm.

The selfie is defined in the Oxford dictionary as “A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” By this definition, most of the purported “selfies” that people post to their Facebook, Instagram etc. are not actually selfies.

People in pictures with other people cannot claim a “selfie” if they did not, in fact, take the picture. Ellen did not actually post a selfie. Bradley Cooper did a selfie with other people in the photo. She may hold the Twitter record for most re-tweets for her “selfie,” but it is technically just a photo.

Selfies are invading pop culture. The song, “#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers, proves that even the most irrelevant topic can be made into a ‘hit’ song.

What’s worse is people have gotten attached to the music and TV companies have caught on, allowing for even more attention to a mistaken concept. Even shows like American Idol have used this song to entice viewers.

Celebrities aren’t helping the situation either. Amanda Bynes certainly hasn’t been doing herself any favors with her online antics, always with a messed-up weave and a super awkward expression.

Chris Brown posted a pic of himself smoking 3 joints simultaneously. I’m sure they help with his “glaucoma.”

Celebrities should be using their status to inspire people for the good.

Seeing pics of Lindsay Lohan sans top with just her fake hair covering her breasts doesn’t inspire me to be a better person, it just makes me want hope they get mental help. Quickly.

People need to stop posting pictures of themselves in degrading, embarrassing etc. pictures. Since pictures are forever, act how you want to be remembered as.

Shockingly, there have been a few unacceptable uses of the selfie. People have been taking pictures at funerals, in science classes with cadavers, in restrooms with other people unaware of the photo being taken and so many more crude and stupid places.

How many brain cells do you have to lose to think that it is ok to take pictures with dead people and share them with your “friends” online? Where is the humility and the respect that everyone deserves in death.

Imagine that you died right now, what would your family see when they look at your photos on your phone?

Would they see an intelligent person with a good grasp on how to be a productive member of society? Or will they see you aping around with duck lips and grotesquely hanging tongues.

To be clear, I am not discounting the effect of preserving memories of one’s self. I just feel as though there are much better ways to do so that do not involve flaunting your body, or doing something hideous just for the sake of garnering attention from people that your may or may not like to begin with.

My hope is that these hideous displays of the ‘need for attention’ mentality with wither and die rather soon.