Women get big win while Men struggle with health

LMC Men’s Basketball lost against Mendocino Jan. 10, 2015.

The team is short-handed because a couple of key players went down at the beginning of the season with injuries.

They are playing with just eight players, but Coach Domenichelli hopes to get healthy within a few weeks.

The season has been up and down for the team, but Domenichelli hopes to get some key players back so that “we can get back to our 10 man rotations,” he said.

LMC Women’s Basketball fared better getting their first win in conference by defeating Mendocino College.

The win makes the team 1-3 in conference, which lands them in the middle of the pack.

“The girls are competing,” said Head Coach Richard Villegas, “We moved the ball around and played good half-court defense.”

The team looks to build on the win in the next couple of weeks.