Pittsburg High and Los Medanos co-existing


Cathie Lawrence

Pittsburg High School football stadium is currently under renovation while the field and track get redone. The Pirates hope to be playing there again Sept. 27.

The Pittsburg High School football team has currently been using Los Medanos’s football facility while the team waits for a new field.

The Pirates have been practicing on the football field as well as playing their home games on Friday nights.

The Los Medanos Mustangs have been holding their practice on the grass area just outside the stadium. Mustangs Coach Chris Shipe does not see this as an inconvenience though.

Shipe explains that his team has a lot more games on grass, adding, “It could be a positive.”

The two teams practice separately with no joint practices.

Shipe has his own team to worry about so he is not looking at the Pittsburg talent that could potentially play at LMC in the future. However, Shipe and his coaching staff have already been keeping an eye on the players and have been recruiting for talent since the beinning of summer.

According to Pirate Head Coach Victor Galli, it has been a minor inconvenience because his team has to take a bus to home games but is impressed with the field.

“It’s a beautiful facility,” said Galli.

Pittsburg High and LMC are no strangers to sharing playing ground. The Mustangs have been using the Pirate’s weight room for the past couple of years according to Galli.

This field sharing is not only good for the athletes but the students as well, since they get to come to LMC and view the college.

Pittsburgh High Coordinator of Athletics Mike Adras believes it gives students a beneficial look at the campus.

“So much win-win situation,” said Adras.

Galli looks forward to the new state of the art turf field that will be hosting match ups under the Friday night lights for many years to come.

“Pirate Stadium is an awesome stadium,” Said Galli. “We take care of each other, the way it should be.”

Pittsburg High, according to Adras, will hope to have the field done by Sept. 27 when it takes on Granite Bay High School Grizzlies.