Students need someone to talk with

Skylar Libbey, Guest Columnist

I am at the end of my second year at LMC and have a growing concern about the happiness of the students here. Every LMC student around the ages of 18-20 that I have come across is not happy. There does not seem to be a correlation that I have picked up that LMC is the reason they aren’t happy, which is good, but they aren’t happy with being still at home.

LMC is a great school with great classes and even better teachers, but the happiness and stability of its students are overlooked. Maybe it is not seen as a problem because LMC is not the reason for their unhappiness, but it still should be expressed and talked about. I feel so strongly about this because I have dealt with unhappiness at LMC but I know in the back of my head that LMC is the best option for me at this point.

I believe that, aside from the counselors, there should be staff members who can volunteer to talk to students about how they are feeling about school and give advice to those who need it. I feel like that would do some good considering getting an appointment with a counselor can be very hard and stressful, also from personal experience.