Promote Transfer Academy

Jeanelle Pagaduan, Guest Column

During my time here, the Transfer Academy has made my experience so wonderful. The counselors and academic aids that they continue to provide to me and my other peers in this program have greatly contributed to my increased work ethic and scholarly success throughout the semesters.

With this being said, I do not believe that this program is advertised enough to incoming students. Personally, I heard about Transfer Academy through a coworker who also had pleasant experiences with their assistance, but I would have had no idea if it weren’t for her! While I was fortunate enough to have someone to recommend it to me, I also have many friends who wished that they had known it was an option. It may just be within my circle, but I do not think that Transfer Academy is promoted nearly enough. I think that it should be introduced to all eligible high school seniors, as it provides an abundance of guidance and career planning.

I know that right out of high school, I was really concerned about how to register for classes and navigate the campus. But Transfer Academy made my transition into LMC seamless and I am honestly forever grateful. I truly think that giving this program more exposure would help out so many students, and that it should even be expanded to provide aid to a larger number.