Kudos to college for response to racism

Jorge Alba, Guest Column

News that recently caught my eye was “LMC reacts to the situation” about racism. This has been an issue for many years now. Not just in LMC, but around the world. This was about the incident in which a video was posted Oct. 21 on the social media platform ‘TikTok’ that included an audio recording of an alleged LMC manager making insensitive remarks towards Black people.

I was shocked to read that the problem of racism is so close that even the people expected to not follow that wave are being involved, too — especially those in charge at a college that is so diverse. The good thing is that many leaders on our campus are responding to this situation and are working to make the school as equal as it can be. It still surprised me that LMC is not the only one going through this issue. Other schools too have faced this problem too. I have not seen the video of the manager who acted that way nor do I want to see it because what it will really do is probably anger me.

This was a really good post because it’s highlighting big issues LMC has and it’s putting it out there for the public to see. The way LMC is responding to the issue makes me proud to still be an LMC student. The way they take their students into consideration by the two-hour long assembly gave Dr. Hollis and the college the opportunity to directly address questions and comments from members of the college community while also allowing them to explain how they would like the college to respond to the situation. This brings the whole community of college together to fight against matters like these.