Letter to the Editor

In the issue of the Experience that was released on October 16th, a column was published entitled ‘Huggable dogs relieve stress.’ Not only do I believe the article was very well-written and was lighthearted enough to bring even more stress relief to readers, but I also believe that it highlights a topic that is not covered enough.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 80 percent of college students claim that they are frequently or often anxious or stressed throughout the duration of the school semester. Another 75 percent reported to have experienced their very first anxiety episodes in college.

With stress and anxiety being such a prevalent issue ailing a large portion of our peers, I think it is incredibly important to run more columns such as this to not only bring light to this issue but also to inform the college students on our campus on how the can combat the stresses that come hand in hand with being a college student. With the end of the current semester coming up, I believe it is the most opportune time to give people pointers on this so that our student population can go into finals as de-stressed and confident as possible.


Marc Dale