Paint Night yields masterpieces


D'Angelo Jackson,

Calm, tranquil, free of tension or pressure, the low frequency of jazz music in the background — these are just some of the ways to describe the atmosphere of Los Medanos College Art Club’s first Paint Night event.

The event held last Friday afternoon April 20, was the first event of its kind since the Art Club’s formation in Fall 2016. Admittance was $20 at the door but participants could have gotten a $5 discount by pre-registering online.

Participants painted in Room 307 of the College Complex with a brief 20 minute break for refreshments before re-grouping back to their canvases to continue painting.

The evening’s event was under the instruction and leadership of Art Club President Marisa BeBeau who guided her guests through the exact minutiae of the piece they would all paint — a sky as seen through the silhouette of a windowpane.

“For the people that attend I hope they come away with a piece of art they are proud of, or if they’re not proud of at least a skill that they’ve started,” said BeBeau. “It’s just kind of an introduction to the art world and so it doesn’t really matter if you want to get into it very seriously or as a hobby.”

Participant Nick Maccarone, a guest at the event, described the enjoyment he got from the experience as well as his past desire to get into painting.

“I have a long way to go before I could paint like the instructor,” he said. “But I learned a great deal. Painting is something that if you want to get good at it you really got to be patient. You got to put in the work because it’s a very distinct skill set.”

In the end, the Art Club had a humble turnout of seven visitors, marking success for the first event of this nature at LMC.