It was a chili day

Cook-off turns up the heat

The 10th Annual LMC Chili Cook-Off was held Tues. March 10 and turned out successful. Hosted by the Classified Senate , the event raised $690 for student scholarships.

Faculty, staff and students tried out 12 different types of chili for the prices of $4 for a bowl with cornbread and $1 for a chili shot.

At the end of the cook-off, winners were awarded prizes such as themed basets, ceramics, Spring Planters, and gift cards. The winners of the cook-off were:

Grand prize Sylvia Benzler’s Right On The Money Chili

-1st place Carole Betz’s TNT (Turkey “N” Tasy) Chili

-2nd place Eric Sanchez’s Abuelita’s NM Chili

-3rd place and people’s choice Kathy Griffin for her Gecko Green Chili

This event was organized by Administrative Assistant Sylvia Benzler, Counselor Assistant Carole Betz, and Sr. Administrative Assistant Mary Oleson.