Shenanigans abound


Irvin Trigueros

Joy Osiuhwu plays a game during Club Day at the Shenanigans club table run by the Drama Department promoting its new play opening March 6 entitled ‘The Underpants.’

The Los Medanos College Complex level 3 indoor quad came alive last Wednesday, Feb 13 as a baker’s dozen clubs hosted passing students in hopes of enticing them to join with the smell of free food lurking the air, music playing, and vibrant and eye-catching club tables.

The Shenanigans club, which is run by drama students who have an upcoming play called The Underpants, was one of the main attractions and was very interactive with students in various activities related to the play. Some of the other clubs in attendance included Puente, the League of Extraordinary Gamers, R.E.A.D., and the Anime Club.

Ashley Adams, the Student Life Coordinator, was overseeing the event as well as heading up the Student Life table. She believed that club day is effective in bringing in new students to clubs and successfully promoting each clubs individual purposes and goals. She said that there are many skills joining a club can help with, such as, “developing leadership, team building, communication, event planning, diversity skills, and strategies.” She added that you can learn professionalism, time management, and most importantly develop lifelong friendships outside of the classroom.”

The outpour of Club Day attendees was a bit sparse. There were students present and inquiring at various club tables, but foot traffic was still somewhat limited.

Dreu Basaldua is a part time student who was walking through the complex and happened to stumble upon Club Day. He did not have much initial interest in joining any clubs but was at least pleased to learn a little bit about some of the clubs. Other students seemed to only be in attendance to eat some free food, but plenty of students at least bought little knick-knacks for a few dollars at some of the club tables in order to support various fundraising tasks.

If you would like more information on student clubs, as well as information about leadership programs, LMCAS, and student ambassadors, contact the Office of Student Life at the GA Building Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can also be contacted at 439-2181 ext. 3266.