Crowds come to show love for Lovell


Irvin Trigueros

Relative Teniesha Little, left, and classmate Julius Ojewole, right, light candles that illuminate and form deceased LMC student Lovell Joshua’s first name at Delta Fair Blvd. in Antioch on Friday, Feb. 8.

Irvin Trigueros


Dozens of people with broken hearts gathered for an evening candlelight vigil held on February 8 over the loss of Lovell Joshua Jr., a young 25-year-old LMC student who passed away in the early hours of Feb. 2 in a drunk-driving incident.

Lovell was an inspiring musician who loved entertaining people through rap music and comedy.

“He was a joy to be around [with],” said Teniesha Little, Joshua’s aunt, who described him as a happy, proud father who always attended church regularly and touched lives with his shining personality.

“Lovell did many things in his life and made a huge impact in others lives as well. He will truly be missed,” said Little.

But what he truly cherished the most was his young daughter, Phoenix.

“I spent almost everyday with him, enjoying his stories. I loved [hearing] the stories about his daughter,” said Little.

An e-mail from LMC president Bob Kratochvil was sent to all members of the community college on Tuesday, February 7 to announce the evening candlelight vigil and Joshua’s upcoming funeral, as well as offering his own condolences to Joshua’s family and friends.

Students arrived on the 3800 block of Delta Fair Road in Antioch to give their prayers to the family. Right at the spot were Joshua was pinned underneath the vehicle that killed him.

The atmosphere was as bleak and gloomy as the cold weather that prevailed Delta Fair, but thankfully that didn’t stop the warm and kind-hearted attendants that gave their warm and loving support for Joshua’s family.

Everyone at the vigil exchanged hugs with the victim’s close ones, and wrote heart-felt notes and letters on the white papers boards that leaned against the crashed fence, as well as lighting and arranging candles that formed and illuminated Lovell’s name in capital letters.

Attendants embraced hand-in-hand for an emotional eulogy from Joshua’s godfather Tim Alexander.

“I’m gonna miss that smile of his,” said Alexander in the middle of his eulogy.

Joshua’s second aunt, Tiffany Little, offered no words to express her sadness because she’s still hurt from the incident. She said that her nephew, “was the happiest person I have ever [known].”

Grief counseling and is still being provided at the Counseling Center at the second floor of the college complex. Please contact the Counseling Center at ext. 3334 for further details.