LMCAS works on projects


LMCAS President Thyra Cobbs.

Jordyn Toscano and Katie Loughran

“The Los Medanos College Associated Students is a student organization that is devoted to advocating for the LMC students,” said LMCAS president Thyra Cobbs. “We are diverse and we represent the different aspects of the student population.”

LMCAS is the student government at LMC with the goal of providing “an official and representative student organization, to investigate student problems and take appropriate action, to provide the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed, to encourage the development of responsible student participation in the overall policy and decision making process of the College community, to foster an awareness of the student’s role in the academic community, to enhance the quality and scope of education at the College, and to provide means for responsible and effective participation in the organization of student affairs.”

Among the current tasks of the Los Medanos College Associated Students (LMCAS) is working on a celebration for the Zero Textbook Cost initiative. Affordable instructional materials have long been a concern for many community college attendees. Combined with the rising number of housing issues and food insecurities faced by students, the program will aid in reducing their financial burdens and improving their overall educational experiences. 

The 2016 Legislature-funded effort by California community colleges to increase pathways to open educational resources has ramped up implementation and integration this past academic year. The initiative allowed for the creation of 23 associate degree pathways and 14 certificate pathways at 23 community colleges. This includes the addition of many resources that are openly licensed and free for students to use.

James Glapa-Grossklag, College of the Canyons Dean and a co-coordinator for the program, explained that the initiative is an important step in the right direction.

“If we fail to provide those students with a predictable way to select classes and keep going in a predictable manner to the same physical location or the same online location, we run the risk of them encountering that surprise $200 textbook, which would be life changing to a student who is living in his or her car,” Glapa-Grossklag said.

The aim of the Associated Student’s initiative will be to inform any new or returning students of the various classes that do not require additional textbook costs. The event will also highlight those instructors who’ve integrated the program into their own classes for their consideration of low-income students.

The group holds meetings every Monday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the new conference room on the second floor of the Student Union. They discuss topics such as, issues on campus, perspective projects and student concerns. These weekly meetings are open to any and all students who’d like to become more involved or better understand how a community college functions.  

For more information about the initiative or other LMCAS related matters, you can reach them at (925) 473-7554, email LMCAS President Thyra Cobbs at [email protected] or visit the Student Life Office located on the second floor of the Student Union building.