Bearden scores positions as senate president

Perry Continente,

Professor Josh Bearden was voted in as the new Academic Senate President in a recent meeting April 9. Bearden, along with counselor and professor Marco Godinez and professor Louie Giambattista, ran for the position.

Professor Laurie Huffman revealed the results after joking about people trying to find out the results early. “I want to say thank you for your professionalism and participation,” said Huffman who described the debate and election as “lively” before revealing that Bearden was the president-elect.

Henderson congratulated Bearden before prompting another round of applause.

After some prompting, Bearden spoke about his feelings post-election.

“It was an honor to run and I feel like I’m getting an academy award,” Bearden joked before thanking Giambattista and Godinez.

Many approached and congratulated Bearden after the election, including Brentwood Math Professor Scott Hubbard.

Hubbard, who worked closely with Bearden, explained his hopes for Bearden’s presidency.

“Josh is really good at bringing in student voices,” said Hubbard who credited Bearden’s work in bringing a “big change to GE.”

In a statement for his candidacy, Bearden mentioned his experience serving on committees and task forces as well as the connections he has made in this capacity.
Bearden also emphasized “building a better, stronger academic senate” with the connections he has made so far.

Bearden also expressed his desire to properly utilize guided pathways and preserving the curriculum, while exploring options to improve it.

“I will work to build consensus around any potential changes, communicate with DVC and CCC Academic Senates and pledge to advocate on behalf of our faculty during my time in office,” Bearden wrote.

Current LMC Academic Senate President Sylvester Henderson expressed his satisfaction with his tenure in the position and the progress made during that time.

Henderson hopes Bearden will fill the job well and “take the job seriously.”

Henderson also said he hopes the senate will continue to be a voice for faculty and staff under Bearden’s leadership.

Bearden won the election with over 50 percent of the vote, with his closest rival receiving 17 percent fewer votes.