Art exhibit shares holiday tradition with LMC community

The LMC Art Department and the Puente Club are hosting a Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, themed art gallery exhibit from Nov. 1 to Dec. 7 in the LMC Art Gallery. The décor includes welcoming colorful skulls, drawings, sculptures, paintings and a heavily decorated altar draped in bright colored cloth and pictures honoring the sacred Mexican holiday.
This is the second Day of the Dead event in the Art Gallery.
Art pieces were welcomed from the LMC faculty, staff and student body
Dia De Los Muertos is traditionally celebrated over the first two days of November. According to Stacey Miller, a coordinator for Puente, the holiday “is about honoring your loved ones.”
The first day, the children who have passed away are honored and the second day is for honoring the adults. Miller said sometimes when in America, people use both days to honor all of the deceased. The original sentiment is still there, however.
“The Day of the Dead means honoring our ancestry and the work that happened before us,” said Interim Student Equity Plan Coordinator Eric Sanchez.
One of the ways people honor their lineage and history, is by building altars. This allowed Puente to create its own setup, lighting up the entrance of the gallery. The altar was dressed in vibrant reds and greens and the traditional skulls we scattered about, along with flowers, pictures of loved ones who have passed away and the Virgin Mary.
Miller said the altar “was a class effort,” adding that 27 students from the programs collaborated on the design and execution.
“It was class-led and class-designed,” said Miller.
Last year, Judy Petite’s Art 20 and 40 classes participated in the decoration of the gallery by making skulls and decorating the altar.
Though it’s a culturally specific holiday, Miller said it’s important to learn about traditions outside of your own group.
“When we learn about other cultures, we become more sensitive to other cultures — we broaden our worldview.”
— Kimberly Stelly contributed to this report