Career services to offer more aid

Tours among newest ideas

Transfer and Career Services hopes to provide new resources this semester that will further help LMC students plan accordingly so as to ensure that they are on the right path for their future careers.

For students who want to transfer to an out-of-state college and want to meet with their perspective college representative, Transfer and Career Services hopes to start online video appointments so that communication between representatives and students are easy and accessible.

Additionally, they want to start career tours this semester where they will provide transportation to go and visit different companies. While these companies are not yet set-in stone, the idea is to set up tours of the companies, as well as hears from speakers who work at the company talk about their career paths, different options they had and how they ended up where they are.

With the career tours, the idea they want to promote is for students to realize they have multiple options and that these options are available for them to make the best choices for themselves. The major students graduate and receive a degree for and the career they end up doing in life may be related and they may not be and that is what Transfer and Career Services hope to inform students about by doing this.

“We’re here to help you connect the dots on skills and interest and how all of those things come together so that you know your options and you know all the different things that are available for you,” said Los Medanos Transfer and Career Services Director Kristin Conner, who came on board as the director early August of last year.

The goal is to eventually go and visit companies and businesses that fit in with the popular majors on campus, but for now Conner and Transfer Services Coordinator Rachel Anicetti have been talking to the student ambassadors about their own majors and career interest to start getting ideas.

Student Ambassador Kiani Taylor says that the new plans will get people thinking more about the career side of things and that people are going to start thinking about what paths they have to take to get to the career they want rather than sticking to some of the short-term goals some students have.

“I think that if people do take advantage of this that they will think ‘to get where I have to go it’s going to take a lot of hard work.’ that maybe they didn’t think about before,” said Taylor.

Some of the resources Transfer and Career Services are currently providing: college and career workshops held during the fall and spring semesters, College and University campus tours, in-person meetings with college representatives, transfer and college fairs, and transfer and career counseling appointments to help students focus on their plans.

One thing Conner said that about he workshops they host is that the conversations that happen between students there are important because they are learning from each other and brain storming ideas together.

“I really like bringing groups of students together because I think there really is a lot of information and empowerment that can happen and if it happens to be in the context of a workshop where it’s one speaker then that’s where it starts off,” said Conner.

There are weekly emails that the office sends out every Friday to students who are subscribed to it. The emails are updates and reminders for events and services that might be coming up for the next week scholarships, application deadlines, internship opportunities posted.

For more information on how you can join the email and Transfer and Career Service you can visit their website at losmedanosedu/transfer, or email Conner for further questions at [email protected].