Crooks break into Library


The west side of the Library was broken into over the weekend with few items missing upon the discovery.

Sean Tongson

A break-in occurred at the Los Medanos College Library last weekend.

According to reports, the break-in occurred at around 2:30 a.m. last Sunday morning. Details are vague, and no witnesses to the burglary have come forward.

It is believed that there is only one suspect, since the only damage sustained was a broken window the burglar used to gain access to the library.

Because this is a new investigation, further details, including a motive and other possible suspects, are still unknown at this time.

“The detective is still looking into the matter,” said Police Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston. “He is following up with staff to document the missing items and is investigating the break in.”

While the library is currently being inventoried to determine what exactly might have been stolen, it has been speculated that textbooks of a special reserve collection were the main items that were stolen.

According to library workers, these books are a valuable resource for students.

“The worst part of any theft like this is the impact to the students who regularly use our materials and rely on our reserve textbook collection to be successful in their courses,” said Librarian Christina Goff. “We are working quickly to replace what we can and hope that all students are able to find what they need in their library.”

This is not the first time Los Medanos College has been plagued by theft or burglary. Two and a half years ago, the LMC library reported another break in, where miscellaneous books and possessions, including a small safe belonging to library personnel, was reported missing.

A person believed to be the perpetrator however, was eventually taken into custody.

“The library did experience similar break-ins and a couple instances of vandalism during the 2010/2011 school year,” said Goff. “The break-ins resulted in the loss of textbooks and the damage was limited to a glass door and two windows.”

And as recent as two and a half weeks ago, items from the maintenance tool shed was areported missing after a discovered break-in.

Aside from these two incidents and some auto burglaries, there have been no major incidents to report.

Despite these reports, theft and burglary is not considered to be a major problem here at LMC, although Lieutenant Huddleston warns that students and staff should still be on alert at all times.

“Crime can happen anywhere and is not isolated to any one city or community,” said Huddleston. “Everybody just needs to be aware of their surroundings. Be aware of where your items and possessions are at all times, such as phones, iPads, iPods, purses, and wallets. Never leave any valuables out in the open in plain sight or in your vehicles.”

For any information regarding the break-in and theft of the Los Medanos Library, students are encouraged to contact Police Lieutenant Ryan Huddleston at (925) 439-1505 or ext. 3228 from any campus phone.“Getting input and receiving information from students, faculty, and staff is always a big help to the police department,” said Huddleston.