Get set for STEM with robotics club

Weston Hopkins, Staff Writer

The Delta Robotics club of Los Medanos College is currently accepting new members. The club is run by students who have experience in engineering, programming and business fundamentals. They meet every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Science Room 230. 

At these meetings, newcomers can expect to find workshops and presentations that will help guide members along their journey and increase their skills and knowledge of the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math or STEM fields. 

There are also special presentations made by companies deeply rooted in Silicon Valley, such as Apple and Lockheed Martin.

The goal of Delta Robotics is to prepare its members for a future in the STEM fields. They also contribute to the local community by helping clean up the local environment to encourage new businesses in the East Bay.

“Delta Robotics has a couple projects in the works,” said President Aaron Orellana. “Projects such as pop up VR vendors around campus, designing a Roomba that will go into water, clean up plastic, and then take that and turn it into material for 3D printing.”

The club is also in the process of trying to get a makerspace on campus. “A makerspace is a public workspace at LMC where the community is welcome to come by and work on projects or help with projects being worked on by the club,” said Orellana.

“I’ve been talking to the Vice President of Business Services, and our makerspace has been approved,” said Orellana.

The location of the makerspace is still under consideration, but the current cafeteria is an option because food services for students will be moved into the new student union next spring. 

The exact date of when the makerspace will be ready isn’t available yet, but the club is looking toward an opening early next year. 

Delta Robotics is also looking to host battlebot events starting in January. Battlebots are remote-controlled armed machines designed to fight against fellow bots during competitions.

Members of the club are incredibly welcoming and speak highly about some of the benefits that the club provides.

“I had no previous experience whatsoever, but I am a mechanical engineering major so I wanted to help myself get ahead by joining,” said club member Matt Rowland.

Similarly, fellow member Melissa Cortes said, “Delta Robotics helps with social skills as well as programming and engineering.” 

If you’re on the fence about joining a club, particularly if you’re a STEM major, give Delta Robotics a chance.

“The experience and skills gained in Delta Robotics are crucial for a future in Silicon Valley,” said Orellana.

The club is currently selling merchandise to help raise some additional funding. To purchase something or learn more, visit or donate to the club directly at

For more information regarding meetings, members and more, contact club president Aaron Orellana at [email protected].