Mothers’ needs addressed

Lactation pod provided


Marc Lopez

LMCAS Priscilla Tatmon advocated for the lactation pod.

Hillary Hetrick, @hillarymhetrick

Students who are breastfeeding will soon have a place available anytime while the campus is open to pump breast milk or breastfeed. Alongside the Student Services building, a pod called the Mamava Lactation Pod was implemented over the spring recess.

According to Senior Executive Assistant Jennifer Adams, the Mamava Lactation Pod isn’t ready for use just yet.

“There is more prep needed on the Mamava Lactation Pod before it can be made available for use,” said Adams via email. “Once everything is ready to go, the Mamava unit will be launched to the campus community via email and on the LMC website.”

Implementation took some time to get off the ground.

“The decision to provide this lactation room was made a few months ago,” said Buildings and Grounds manager Russ Holt. “Building, shipping and assembly time have led up to it being installed over the spring break.”

Though the current pod is the only one on campus, plans are in the works to provide a mother’s room in the new Student Union Building as well as the new Brentwood Center, said Holt.

They are also looking for a more convenient location for the current pod.

“It will remain in its current location until a place where it can better serve those who need it is identified,” Holt continued.

The lactation room, which has been needed across campus for some time got its start during an open forum during campus Associated Students meetings. LMCAS then represented that need and led a large portion of the push for that room through the proper channels along with folks from other areas of the campus.

LMCAS President Priscilla Tatmon has been advocating for a lactation room even before she became LMCAS President.

“When I was a senator in LMCAS, a student mother came up to me and asked if there was any place on campus to breastfeed her baby. I had no clue whatsoever,” said Tatmon.

As Tatmon investigated after hearing there was one in the Nursing Department, she saw that there was still a need for more convenient and accessible locations.

The lactation room is available for nursing students during class time on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays,” said Nursing Instructor Joanne Bent. “Unfortunately, the nursing lab is locked and unavailable for students  on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends.”

Tatmon then sought out help from LMC President Bob Kratochvil, who was eager to work with her.

Tatmon stayed in touch with Kratochvil during the progress of the room and the challenges that arose while implementing the plans.

“[Kratochvil] stayed persistent and now, only a couple of months later, there is an able room for mothers to have the privacy they deserve,” said Tatmon.

While the Mamava Pod is not currently ready for use, future access to the suite will be provided through an app known as Mamava which is available on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.