Softball splits a pair

Mustangs shut out Yuba with 8-0


Logan Jones

Jenna Leavitt allowed only one hit against Yuba College in the first game of a double header on April 9, 2015. The Mustangs split the double header.

Mustangs softball shutout Yuba College 8-0 during the first game of a double-header at home Thursday, April 9.

With a good turn out of around thirty people, the women had cheering from not only the dugout, but the bleachers as well.

To get psyched for their games, left fielder Vaneasia Olson said, “we play street ball.”

All of their energy was present from start to finish.

“I was excited for the game because I knew we were gonna beat them,” said Olson. “It was our game.”

Having lost to Yuba in a previous game, the Los Medanos College women were determined to win and get payback. Pitcher Jenna Leavitt pitched a complete game shutout in the victory and showed Yuba the Stangs meant business.

The Mustangs were on a roll throughout the game, never once giving Yuba a chance to score a single run.

After the win Maria Reyes, who plays third base for the Stangs, smiled and said, “I feel amazing because we played like a team.”

The bench was constantly yelling chants and words of encouragement from the dugout when one of their players was up to bat, always making sure every player was getting pumped up and ready to fight for victory.

And they had plenty to cheer for as the team scored in four of the five innings, highlighted by a five-run third inning. While Leavitt dominated the game from the mound the offense was highlighted by Ashleigh Stephens-Coley who knocked in three runs, while four others each drove in one run.

The home bleachers also buzzed with voices of encouragement throughout the whole game, and ultimately cheered the team into celebration of the shutout in game one. There was not one sour face in the home stands.

One of the fans in those stands, LMC student Kendall Paige, was vocally excited about the first game in the double-header.

She said, “we creamed the other team, go Mustangs”