Staff takes to the diamond

Team building in the form of a softball game


Brendan Cross

Custodial staff member Noel Muñiz swings for the fences as a member of the Giants during the staff softball game.

The Athletics and Giants faced off on the Los Medanos College softball field as the A’s took home a 9-6 victory. No, not the MLB teams, but rather teams comprised of LMC staff and faculty.

“As usual, the staff softball game was a spirited and enjoyable contest. It’s a great way for college staff to come together and have some fun outside of the office or classroom. It’s also very nice to meet and form connections with colleagues you might not usually interact with on a regular basis,” said Bookstore Manager Bob Estrada.

The Giants had won the previous two softball games in semesters past, so the A’s this time around were “due” according to Estrada.

“The law of averages would seem to indicate that the A’s were due for a win. I’m sure it had absolutely nothing to do with Giants fans celebrating their team winning the National League pennant the night before the staff softball game,” he added.

The parallel of the San Francisco Giants playing in the World Series again this season led to some trash-talking on the field, in good nature. Despite their loss, the softball Giants enjoyed the competition and are looking forward to the next game.

“The friendly competition between the two teams is always fun, especially now because the Giants are in the World Series,” said Interim Senior Administrative Assistant Irene Sukhu. “It’s a bummer that we lost this time around, but it’s okay, we will beat them next semester.”

After the game, the players were treated to some much-needed fuel, in the form of refreshments and barbeque.

“(Buildings and Grounds Facilities Manager) Russ [Holt] and (Custodial Manager) Barry [Edwards] held a small barbeque after the game. Playing and running always makes us hungry and thirsty, so it was perfect,” added Sukhu.