Ready to kick some grass


Cathie Lawrence

Daniella Amaya set to dribble the ball during a drill in practice. The Mustangs are working hard in anticaption for this season after a tough campaign last year.

The Los Medanos College women’s soccer team is getting ready to get back on the field and start off fresh after going winless last season. The overall record for the team

in 2012 was 0-15-2.

The team will be lead by returning Head Coach Mark Bryant, who has held the position since 2001. Bryant is a professional soccer All-American and a CAL State Chico Hall of


“We’ve had great seasons, where we’ve won and haven’t won,” Bryant said.

After having a tough winless season last year, Bryant says he was very impressed with his players’ attitudes.

“In athletics it’s all about winning,” Bryant said. “but It’s not all about that, there is more to it than that.” Bryant admits that he doesn’t like to lose, but he believes it is more important to provide life lessons and build character for his athletes.

After expectations of a full squad this season, the Mustangs fell short after a lot of players did not return. Some of them did not complete enough units, a few others decided not to go to college anymore, and others moved on to four-year schools.

“It’s going to be a tough season this year too,” said Bryant.

According to volunteer assistant coach Vince Gallagher, 99 percent of the girls on the team are full-time students and all have jobs.

“Everyone out there has a busy schedule,” Gallagher said. “Over the years I cant think of any girls that wished they hadn’t done it.” According to the coaches, they always encourage the ladies to go on to a higher level.

LMC’s soccer team is always looking for players to be added to its roster. A couple of requirements are: must be a full time student, enroll into soccer, some soccer experience is preferred, 2.0 GPA or above, and pass a physical.

Bryant says he likes to make sure that his players improve their knowledge and skills of the sport and that they get a great experience after every season.

Sophomore forward Alexia Trezza says communication and teamwork are big keys to having a successful season, and that the winless season last year did not discourage her.

“I’ll never stop playing, it’s all continuous soccer for me,” Trezza said.

Bryant says his team will work hard and the players will love what they have accomplished.