Create community with clubs

Staff, [email protected]

For many Los Medanos students, community college is a good or even ideal choice for a secondary education. The proximity to home and opportunity to either get our general education done and transfer to a four-year or sample a few different fields before selecting a major — all at a relatively low cost appeals to many.
But what a commuter college like LMC grants in convenience and affordability, it can lack in social elements.
Students ride or drive to school, attend class and leave, which can make it difficult to make new friends.
Luckily, LMC staff and students have put together quite a few clubs to help foster a sense of community at our institution.
In recent years, clubs have been created with a variety of focuses, from art and improv to gaming and the new computer science club.
If these clubs sound bogus, start your own! With a student body of approximately 9,000, you’re bound to share interests with at least one other student.
Education is arguably the most important part of college, but also important is the extension of your social circle. Being exposed to new ideas is critical both inside and out of the classroom. Joining an LMC club is a great way to do that.