Valley fire sparks comparison

We are being tested. The Valley wildfire in Napa, Sonoma, and Lake counties ranks as one of the most dangerous wildfires in California’s history according to The fire has destroyed 70, 000 acres of land, 585 homes and endangered up to 7, 650 structures. The fire has also claimed the life of four firefighters and one elderly woman.
Now is the time when regional, state, and national forces of humanitarianism needs to bond together and help all those in need no questions asked. However, although it is a collective effort, we as bay area inhabitants of northern California do have a responsibility to help our neighbors to the absolute best of our ability.
Imagine losing your home, having most of your possessions scorched and reduced to a sooty residue. Imagine coming home to ash and still burning embers of what was once your bedroom.
Yes, we all know deep down material possessions are nothing compared to the things that really matter, like family. We are thankful that, except for one, people have not had their lives put in grave danger. However, losing everything you’ve worked for, being relocated and having to think of how to move on from such a random tragedy such as a wild fire, would test even the strongest of spirits.
The possessions and homes lost and the great stress and inconvenience the citizens of Lake, Sonoma, and Napa counties are going through, is not something to be taken lightly nor is it a situation that should be left for someone else to handle.
We have to back up our feelings of empathy by taking action and using our proximity to the tragedy to take a more hands on approach. We can, as citizens make a point of making sure that the citizens affected by the Valley wildfire are not just allotted basic human needs, but also that they are comfortable during this trying time in their life.
We must put ourselves in the shoes of all those affected by this horrendous, relentless, merciless fire and see that any and all help is appreciated and needed. So what does that translate to exactly? Donations are needed.
Although one might think a new duvet or food would help, its actually donations that can go the furthest and reach the most amount of people.
By going to, you can see the many businesses, people and organizations, such the American Red Cross, that need money. It’s simple and easy to click on a link and donate any amount you can.
Although this fire has tested us greatly, it is not too big of an obstacle for us to overcome. We have vast reserves of compassion and empathy to tap into that can yield the greatest of results.