A cleaner place to learn

The annual Marsh Creek and Delta Creek Cleanup is Saturday, Sept. 19 and volunteers from local communities will help clean up up our environment by picking up trash and other pollutants in Marsh Creek waterways. Knowing that so many people care about the environment, that surrounds us every day yet goes widely ignored, is inspiring to most; especially to the LMC community.
The Marsh Creek and Delta cleanup can serve as an inspiration to the college and its surrounding neighborhoods. The way we see our learning environment is integral to the way we internalize our educational experience. A messy environment can easily influence peoples’ feelings about the quality they’re getting when it comes to their learning experience .
A lot of thought goes into making the college an appealing place for its students, faculty and staff. To take a nonchalant, cavalier attitude about the way it’s presented and treated on an everyday basis is not only disrespectful to custodians and sanitation servicers who work every day to keep the campus clean, but also to ourselves.
Clean up after yourselves. It’s that simple. But why not go that extra mile and pick up trash you see on the campus, around the lake and even on the trails that surround LMC.
Feng shui is a serious practice that a lot of architects and interior designers use, its also an idea that rings true to one’s everyday environment. The idea is that the environment you live in can have real, lasting and, in some cases, negative effects on your attitude and self- harmonization process.The same way a messy room can keep someone in a bad or lazy mood, a messy campus can have a negative impact on ones drive, attitude and mood.
Last year the Marsh Creek and Delta Creek Cleanup saw 300 volunteers clear 6 tons of trash on over 20 miles of waterways. That’s impressive to say the least, and although the threat of dirty water affecting our health is an apt motivator, a dirty environment effecting our future educational and work endeavors should be just as scary.
When the solution is so simple and yields such rewarding results, why not make it a point to clean up the campus? That’s right, there is absolutely no reason why that’s not something that should be prioritized as recipients of the colleges’ benefits.
With this motivation, we are of the belief that a cleanup day on campus would yield great results, helping to shape our pride in our school and have an impact on each of our characters.