Healthcare in America needs a revamp

Editorial Board

Healthcare in the united states of America should not be as expensive as it is. Forcing people to pay the funds that they currently do is hilariously outrageous and expecting the middle class to be able to have the same funds as the higher class for lower quality health care is unfair, inhumane and a joke. 

America should do as other countries do, to take another page out of a country’s book to ensure our citizens have the best care and do not suffer due to private corporations having control over the whole health care system.

In a recent video that got a lot of traction on Twitter, thanks to presidential candidate Burnie Sanders sharing it, folks in the United Kingdom were asked about how much they think the cost of medical supplies or procedures were in America. The true answers compared to those guessed were comical. 

The reactions from the bystanders participating in this video were also quite humorous until you come to terms with the reality that America charges upward of $30,000 for a pregnancy or $40 to hold your child for skin to skin contact after a c-section. This kind of treatment is not okay and is inhumane for American citizens.

When we have people joking about calling an Uber or Lyft during a life threatening emergency rather than calling the ambulance because they could not afford it, there is a clear issue.

American politicians must listen to the voices of Burnie Sanders and others who fight for universal health care, should understand that things need to change now. We need a program that allows all walks of American citizens to afford healthcare for a more healthy and well rounded country.