Letter from the Editors

Welcome back to the Los Medanos Experience, a news publication filled with all the on-campus news and entertainment LMC needs, made entirely from the finest and freshly produced tears of student-journalists. (We’re only half kidding).

As the new Editors-in-Chief of this paper, we hope to foster a creative and inclusive community where all feel free to express their feelings and opinions not only through the print edition, but by maintaining an online and social media presence as well. To the staff of the Experience, LMC is a place of opportunity and success, two key qualities we hope to exhibit throughout the school year.

Recently, journalism has come under fire for sensationalism and subjective reporting. Critics of the field tend to generalize and reiterate this idea that you can’t trust journalists. But this particular publication will always value truth above all else. We hope to continue the tradition of priming our staff by instilling in them a sense of journalistic integrity and while some of us enjoy your typical, clickbait listicle every once in a while, we realize our audience craves hard facts relevant to the issues and events they care about, delivered to them in a way that keeps them informed and engaged.

In addition to attempting to improve upon our award-winning newspaper, we aspire to go out into the world with the skills and values taught to us by our advisers and help create a better news-reporting environment.

Our goal for Perspectives specifically, is to express the opinions of the student body and passive-aggressively shade former staff members (kidding!).

We’re also looking to expand our reach using various social media platforms and creating more multi-media content. By creating a bigger online presence, we hope to better engage with our audience and tell the stories they want to hear. We’d also be doing this to humanize our reporters. There are people out there who assume all journalists are out to destroy the reputations of upstanding citizens. We’re all humans though—well, most of us are. There are some people on staff who have almost supernatural writing abilities but outside of that, we want the same things as our consumers: accurate and fair disbursement of the news.

As always, we’re open to ideas from the public as well. Any of our readers are welcome to email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also express your intense love for our paper or our school by commenting or submitting a letter to the editor at our paper’s site lmcexperience.com.