Work together, effect change

Have you ever had an issue within your local community that you wish more people knew about? Well that’s what we’re here for. We’re here for you, for the community, to use this newspaper as its megaphone, its problem solver, it first response crew, its source of news. We as the staff of “The Experience” can only be relevant when the community collaborates and works together.

There is a need within our community to create a closer bond. A community that collaborates is not only aware, but is more alive. Its voice is loud and the resulting solutions are swift, but how exactly is that done?

The generic answer is to actually talk to neighbors, get involved in your children’s schools and keep contact with local leaders. But there are other solutions out there that can create a more present community. We have social media, the space and population size for large community events and of course, the ever-searching news team here at LMC.

The surrounding communities including Pittsburg, Brentwood and Antioch, are the furthest thing from quiet. We have a beautifully rich, multi-ethnic cultural environment. Antioch has now surpassed Richmond in population, Brentwood grows produce and food, feeding the entire state of California and Pittsburg remains dear to many peoples heart for its conducive family-shaping environment.

We make up the voice of a large portion of the East Bay region, and we should never forget the power and relevance we hold.

With this in mind, a more collaborative community would only elevate and enrich the bond that exists between the people that populate the surrounding communities and we, the newspaper staff, would feel at ease knowing that we’re doing our job: representing the voice of the community.