Some majors lack support

It’s become increasingly apparent that continuing support from both local and international businesses is beneficial not only to current and future students at Los Medanos College, but also to the local communities in which they will soon be entering as trained professionals and the companies themselves for which they will be employed.
As a result of partnerships with corporations like Dow Chemical Company and most recently, LG Electronics, students in programs like MESA and Appliance Service Technology are already taking advantage of the many resources the companies have to offer. From specialized training and equipment donations to LMC programs, as well as industry support and job placement, these companies are striving to bring what they can to the table to help make an impact in their fields by supporting the next generation of potential employees.
But why aren’t all LMC students benefitting from support by local, national or international entities?
Is this substantial amount of assistance only limited to those pursuing a career in tech or service industries?
For instance, what outside support can a history or English major receive?
Can educational institutions such as museums and historical preservation societies provide learning resources or assist in job placement?
Are there opportunities for those enrolled in the college’s music programs to learn first hand from those in the field they wish to pursue a career and are there those out there willing to donate their time and valuable materials to help those students?
Is there something that can be done to get more assistance not only from large corporations, but local small businesses and individuals as well?
These are questions that need to be answered so every student can attain the most out of their educational experience at LMC, an experience that will stay with them through the rest of their lives.
Regardless of who can do it, or who they can do it for, it’s this help from the industrial and private complexes that will continue to be an extremely important part of LMC and its continuing effort to strive toward educational success for students — something which will benefit them long into their futures as viable well-trained professionals in the community.