Congress is not helping

Congress has been making it extremely difficult to get things done, even more so than usual since Republicans control the House of Representatives and the Senate. Our congressmen are not doing their jobs and are essentially getting paid for their childish behavior.

One could argue that both congress and the president are behaving immaturely but when it comes down to it, Congress has been proven less likely to compromise. Even when President Barack Obama proposes something that reflects the values of republicans, they will vote against it because the president proposed it.

This past Tuesday, the courts halted  Obama’s executive actions on immigration. This was met with positive reactions from congress. Obama seemingly annoyed, expressed confidence in that eventually, the courts would have to uphold his original plan.

Republicans are now threatening to withhold funding for the Department of Homeland Security to get their way. This affects us because this makes us more susceptible to terrorist attacks. It seems this action was taken not to protect American people but instead was taken to get back at the president for his use of executive orders.

This isn’t the first time congress has refused to cooperate. Just last year, Speaker of the House John Boehner penned a lawsuit claiming Obama was abusing his power through the excessive use of executive orders even though has used less orders than both George W. Bush and Bill Clinton according to U.S. News. Though the lawsuit initially died, Boehner brought it up again earlier this year.

Remember the Government shutdown in the fall of 2013? This event cost the federal government billions of dollars. .

They’ve shown time and time again they care more about winning and getting their convoluted points across than doing what’s best for this country. Some congressmen need to come under review or be punished for their selfishness and belligerence. Both Americans and people who are striving to become citizens are suffering at the hands of congress’ indifference toward doing the right thing.

We the people deserve a better life in which the people we have voted into office actually care about changing the system for the better.