High hopes for new Wi-Fi system

The Los Medanos College community now has access to an improved Wi-Fi network. Students find themselves limited with a five megabytes per second speed and installation of software to be able to navigate it is required.

It is not ideal for students to be limited when the faculty is not, but the fact that there are so many more students than faculty makes it more understandable. However, an attempt should be made down the road for students to have complete access to the wireless network.

Hopefully the new installation will allow all of the college’s smart classrooms to run flawlessly and be used to full effect. There is something far too agonizing about watching a professor attempt to present something to the class only to find out the network is not up to job.

Students need to do their part in allowing the updated network to be an improvement by not trying to catch the latest tweet of a messed up celebrity during class, update their status to “I am ready for class to end,” or watch the latest kitten on a skateboard video.

As great as the upgrade might be for the college other things are still needed.

The various college labs having the same operating hours on Fridays as the rest of the week could be a tremendous help to students who cannot study as effectively at home as when they are on campus. The fact that classes might not be scheduled does not mean students no longer have work to do. Quite the opposite tends to be true. The fact the weekend is also used to de-stress means getting a bit more work done beforehand could make everything else go more smoothly.

It would also be beneficial for students to be able to instantly access WebAdvisor without needing to go through the Insite Portal.

If there is an improvement to the college you would like to see, include it in a letter to the editor, read the reader opinion policy for directions on how to go about it.