Roof leaves students soggy

The campus leaks. The campus leaks in doorways. The campus leaks near the cafeteria. But worst of all, the campus leaks in the bathroom.
With LMC’s central building being constructed of concrete, there is an illusion of the campus being safe and sturdy. Alas, when it rains it indeed pours inside our halls.
Disturbingly, even the bathrooms aren’t safe, as the men who use the restroom near the business department will receive a steady drip of (hopefully) rainwater atop their heads.
With all of the improvements being made to other parts of the campus, it seems as though the focus on new construction and/or repairs to the older, dilapidated campus has turned elsewhere.
It’s dangerous to have the leaks in the campus, as it poses a safety risk for our college community members who transit the affected areas. Not only that, but the leaks are embarrassing. Having to utilize trashcans as buckets to catch the foul leakage leaves visitors of our campus wanting.
It seems as though the leaks have been happening for quite some time, judging from the buildup of minerals under the ceiling crack near the cafeteria; the college seems content with the situation now, simply placing the makeshift buckets near the leak, often not under the actual drip.
If our college can afford to rebuild quite a large portion of the central building, surely it can be budgeted to fix the cracks in our ceiling, preferably before the big one hits.
The campus leaks, and it should made a priority of the administration to make available the necessary materials or monies to the proper people; if only to appease the students/staff who are stuck looking at them all day.