LMC screams for ice cream

Student Life put together a social event for all students to come and relax.


Katrina Anabo

From left to right: Autumn Rodriguez, Ivy Chacon and Sania Veil share a conversation while eating ice cream

Katrina Anabo, Staff Writer

With more Los Medanos College students switching off online classes to attend on-campus classes this fall semester, it can be difficult to make friends and find a safe community. Thus, The Office of Student life hosted their first Ice cream social on Wednesday August 31 to help students feel more welcome on campus while enjoying free ice cream. 

This social event took place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and was held on the second floor of the Student Union. Student Life provided a variety of snacks such as chips, popcorn, candy and an assortment of ice cream bars for students to choose from. Student life associates could be found wearing bright red shirts handing out ice cream to any student that wanted one. 

While students were free to grab an ice cream or two, the social event also offered plenty of games such as trivia and a chance to spin a wheel to win a selection of prizes such as an LMC t-shirt or a fun keychain. 

In order to participate in a game and win a prize, students had to fill out a “sign-in” sheet with their first and last name along with their student ID number. An associate would go ahead and ask the student a trivia question and if they got the question right, they had a choice of winning a free prize. 

Students who came to the social event were able to relax with other peers, play a game or two and enjoy snacks in the student union. Program assistant for Student Life Lyssa Shabusheva wanted students to feel comfortable at the event and welcomed on campus. 

“We try to mostly not interfere with students and allow them to gravitate around the student union,” Shabusheva said. “That way, students can sit, relax and eat.” 

This event is not just about ice cream and games however. The director of Student Life Teresea Archaga wanted this social event to happen so students can find a community on campus. Archaga and Student Life wanted to extend Welcome Week and add another week of welcome called “Find Your Community” to help students find their safe space on campus. 

“It’s been really hard for students to find space and community on campus,” Archaga said. “We thought it would be nice to extend our week of welcome into a ‘Find Your Community’ week and so when students come into a space, they are able to ask questions and get to know people.”  

First year student Autumn Rodriguez felt welcomed at the student union and would come again to another ice cream social. 

“I would definitely come up to the student union again to hang out and relax whenever I am on campus. I feel safe,” Rodriguez said. 

Students can expect to see more events hosted by Student Life in the future for students on campus to participate in. 

“We are going to try to do one or two activities a week for all students. If you follow us on Instagram (@lmcstudentlife), you will be able to see what’s going on,” Archaga said.