Hannum appointed VPI


A.R. Broom

Natalie Hannum, the new Vice President of Instruction smiles for the camera.

Erick Amaya, Sports Editor

Natalie Hannum, who joined the Los Medanos College staff in 2013, will serve as the school’s new Vice President of Instruction. She will officially begin her new role July 1, 2020. 

With the retirement of interim VPI Nancy Ybarra, Hannum was named the successor by LMC President Bob Kratochvil Wednesday, May 20. Ybarra’s tenure as interim VPI will close this month. 

Ybarra expressed that in order to be successful in the VPI position, it is important for faculty and staff to work together, thus being the most valuable lesson she has learned at LMC, “The opportunity to be heard and maybe have our ideas be the key to solving problems together is a key part of building a community,” said Hannum. “When we work as a community is when we are the strongest.” 

During the interview forums, Hannum said one way for faculty, staff and classified professionals to increase student enhancement is by walking around campus and engaging with students.

 “It is up to individuals if they don’t take part, but our job is to keep putting opportunities out there,” she said. “The barriers for first generation, minority and low income students are many, so it might not be the first outreach event or attempt, but maybe the tenth, that helps them realize that they have a place at LMC if they wish to take it.”

Since joining Los Medanos College, Hannum has served as Dean of Instruction for Career Technical Education & Social Sciences and Dean of Workforce & Economic Development. 

​LMC is an outstanding campus. I like the size of LMC and the area and demographic that it serves. It has a nice combination of transfer and career programs,” said Hannum on her decision to join LMC.   

Hannum is working on receiving her doctoral degree in public administration from the University of Laverne, but already holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration from California State University Chico, and a master’s in Public Administration from CSU San Bernardino. 

Natalie Hannum begins her tenure of VPI next month and she is confident that her experience will assist her in excelling in this new role.