Pi Day festivities bring fun straight to the face


Somtochi Ezeh

Speech and debate professor Marie Arcidiacono-Kaufman receives a pie to the face after receiving the most votes for “Pie in the Face.”

Hillary Hetrick , @hillarymhetrick

LMC’s Math Department hosted Pi Day, an event that takes place each semester on March 14 to correspond with the numeric value of Pi. The number 3.14 is represented by the said date of March 14 often written out in numbers as “3/14.”

Earlier in the day, students gathered on the Student Services Patio to witness the event, “Pie in the Face.” The event was hosted by the LMC Honors Program at 12:45 p.m.

On each day of the week leading up to Pi Day, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. students had the chance to vote on which one of five department heads would get a pie in the face. They did this by placing money in jars and whoever got the most votes would get a pie thrown in their face.

The possible candidates were Marie Arcidiacono-Kaufman from Speech and Debate, Nick Garcia from Drama, Edward Haven from Philosophy/Humanities, Ryan Pederson, Dean of Math and Sciences Ryan Pederson and Jennifer Saito from Math, Philosophy and Humanities. Arcidiacono-Kaufman ultimately won when the votes were tallied.

Arcidiacono-Kaufman earned the Honors Club $311, while Haven brought in $54, Garcia $28, Pederson $35 and Saito $29.

LMC student Jacob Amrine enjoyed the event.

“It was funny that Mrs. A got the pie [in her face],” said Amrine.

Following the LMC Honors Program event, students moved to the Math Department for the official Pi Day commemoration. At 1:59 p.m. in representation of the next three digits of Pi, students stood in line and waited their turn for a free slice of pie. A table with an assortment of four types of pie stood at front and center. Students had their pick of apple, cherry, pumpkin and chocolate cream pie.

Lab Coordinator Julio Guerrero and LMC student Eric Cruz manned the table, serving slices of pie to many students who stopped by.

“I love pie, it’s better than cake,” Cruz commented. “Pi Day is a fun day for the student body.”

While some were just happy to be having free pie and some enjoyed seeing their teacher get pied, others were excited about the more academic portion of the day.

“This event is a good way to promote math and science,” said LMC student Nicole Trager.

Math professor Julie Von Bergen gave further background on what Pi Day is.

“Did you know that today is Albert Einstein’s birthday?” asked Von Bergen.

She went on to explain, “Pi Day started at the Exploratorium in San Francisco [on this day] in 1989 to commemorate Pi and Albert Einstein’s birthday.”